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Regular Pilates Class Membership

Thanks for your interest in our Pilates classes at goPhysio! 

We have 2 great options for you if you're interested in joining our classes:

  1. Regular Pilates Class Membership 
  2. PAYG Pilates Class Membership

Regular Pilates Class Membership

If you choose to join our regular Pilates class membership, you'll benefit from: 

  • Guaranteed space in your chosen class every week
  • A regular, easy to manage, monthly DD payment
  • Discounted per class rate
  • Classes can be managed online or at the clinic
  • 5 classes a month included in your membership, so an extra bonus class to use in every 4 week month
  • Option to make up any missed classes within the same calendar month
  • 5% special member discount off all other goPhysio services
  • Monthly Regular Class Member email

How do I get started with the Regular Pilates Class Membership? 

Before joining one of our Pilates classes at goPhysio, you'll need to come into the clinic for a Pilates induction session. This is essential so we can get to know you, discuss any injuries or conditions we need to be aware of, find out exactly what you want to acheive by coming to Pilates and teach you the basics before you start. This is commonplace for any Clinical Pilates classes and will really help you get the most out of the classes.

This session costs £45. However, if you sign up as a Regular Class Member and pay for your first month's membership (£55 for 1 class a week or £105 for 2 classes a week) at the time of your induction, this fee is waived.

To book your induction session, please give us a call on 023 8025 3317. 

  1. Book your Pilates Induction at the clinic.
  2. Take a look at our current Pilates timetable so you have an idea of what class or classes might suit you before you get started.
  3. Come along to your Pilates Induction.
  4. After your induction, if you'd like to proceed with the Regular Pilates Class Membership, with a guaranteed space every week, you'll need to let us know which class you'd like to join, so we can make sure there's space for you. You may also opt for the PAYG Pilates Membership.
  5. Pay for your first months membership at the time of your induction to get your induction for free! If you don't sign up at the ttime of your induction, the induction is £45. 
  6. You can start your class straight away! 
  7. We'll then send you all the details you need to set up your regular monthly Direct Debit. 

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of our goPhysio Pilates, you'll receive a number of benefits:

Membership Costs

  • Pilates Induction £45 - FREE if you pay for your first month membership at the time of your induction!
  • 1 Class a week is £55 a month (5 classes a month) 
  • 2 classes a week is £105 a month (10 classes a month)

Membership FAQs 

What are the benefits of the membership system?

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Pilates is a form of exercise, like most, where the best benefit is gained from practicing regularly. We want you to get the most from your classes and from over 10 years of teaching have found that having that regular commitment of a regular, weekly class will help you get the best results. With busy lives, it's all too easy to dip in and out and something else becomes a priority over yourself. So, having a regular class that you're committed to helps support you to invest time in yourself for your health and wellbeing. 

Over the years, we've also learnt that our Pilates attendees really value having a space in their regular class. It forms part of their weekly routine and strong friendships are formed with other attendees. When it came to having to re-book, people were fearful of loosing their space and had the worry of not missing booking deadlines or remembering to pay. Having an automatic payment system addresses all this and makes it easy and hassle free. 

What happens if I miss a class?

We offer a unique 'make up class' system. If you aren't able to make a class, for example you are unwell or going on holiday, please let us know. You can do this by giving us a call or you can manage your classes yourself online. We ask taht you provide a minimum of 6 hours notice if you're unable to attend a class. You will then have the opportunity to make up your missed class from any of the 20 classes a week we offer. You will need to make up your missed class in the same calander month. Make up classes can not be carried over. You can manage your own make up classes online too, using our online Pilates class managment system

Can I set up my DD by phone or in writing? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this as an option. Setting up your DD online provides the most secure option for you (no credit card is required). It requires you enter just 6 pieces of information online in a very simple and easy to follow format:

  1. First name
  2. Surname
  3. Email address
  4. Sort code
  5. Account number
  6. Postcode 

The details are entered directly onto the secure GoCardless site and goPhysio do not have any access to any of your personal or banking details. It isn’t ‘online banking’ and is a fully secure site. Your payments will be fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. 

If we were to introduce paper or phone set up options, we would have to retain paper copies of your information in order to meet financial regulations. We felt that this option was far less secure for you and not necessary in the modern age! 

If you aren’t confident setting up your DD online, we’d be more than happy to assist you at the clinic, please let us know.

Is there an app I can download to manage my classes? 

You certainly can! Visit the Appstore for Apple devices here or Google Play for Android devices here to downlaod your members app. 

Can I do additional classes? 

Yes, if you’d like to do ad hoc extra classes you can do this on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. You can purchase PAYG classes online here

Can I change to the PAYG Pilates? 

Yes, if the Regular Class Membership isn't working for you or your circumstances have changed, subject to the membership T&Cs, you can change to the PAYG Class Membership. You will need to provide 1 months notice to cancel your membership payment. All you need to do then is purchase and book your classes online. 

What do I do if I want to stop coming to Pilates?

We require 1 month's notice if you'd like to cancel your Regular Pilates Class Membership. To cancel your membership, just visit your online account. All Regular Pilates Class Memberships are subject to a 3 months minimum membership period. 

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