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Young Rehab

Many of the injuries that our younger patients suffer with benefit from a specific exercise programme to help them recover. These exercises can often be performed at home, but this doesn't always happen or youngsters can be reluctant to do their 'exercsie homework', which can impact on their recovery success. So we offer the option of coming into the clinic to do a specific exercise programme under the direct supervision of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists, called Young Rehab.

Who is Young Rehab for?

Young Rehab has been created for children & young people 16 and under. 

Rehabilitation is perfect for your child if they:

  • Are recovering from an injury and want to increase physical durability to help prevent further injuries
  • Have a ‘growing’ related injury that will improve by doing regular, specific exercises programs that you’d like supervised and progressed in a supported environment
  • Have been having physiotherapy or sports therapy treatment with us and your Clinician recommends they’d benefit from specific rehabilitation
  • Want to be proactive above preventing injury and want to work on a specific, supervised strength and conditioning programme
  • Suffer with a recurrent injury that could be addressed by specific rehabilitation
  • Want to be supervised and progressed with exercises to help recovery
  • Don’t feel confident doing their exercises themselves
  • Find it hard to do your exercises at home
  • Take part in regular sports and want to get back to them quicker
  • Have no access to a gym or exercise equipment and don't want this to hold you back with your recovery 

What does Young Rehab involve?

Rehab is an exercise based recovery programme, specifically for those 16 and under. Whatever rehab option you choose, your child will have a bespoke exercsie programme created for them based on their injury and goals. This will consist of a series of exercises that will work on elements such as strength, flexibility and stability. It's a bit like a 'clinical Personal Trainer'!

We have a huge range of equipment in a dedicated space, offering great variety and just the right amount of challenge to see big improvments! They'll alawys be under the direct supervision of one of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists. In addition to the exercise programme, sessions will also include a warm up, baseline testing (so you can monitor progress) and a cool  down, in addition to ongoing support and advice. 

Getting Started

  • The first 45 minute session is a ‘getting started’ induction session, where you & your child will meet 1-2-1 with their Therapist.
  • They’ll make sure they get to know your child and their individual goals and go through their rehabilitation program with you both.
  • They will carry out some baseline tests, to help measure and monitor progress. 
  • The getting started session can be booked at a time that suits you and our Sports & Rehab Therapist have availability in their diary.
  • This sessions costs £45. 

1-2-1 or Small Group Rehab, which suits your child better?

1-2-1 REHAB

This is a 45 minute, 1-2-1 rehab session in our Strong Room with one of our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapists. Your child will have their own, bespoke, exercise programme tailored to them and their goals under direct supervision.

Great for those who:

  • Aren't confident exercising and want 1-2-1 supervision with a regular programme as an alternative to our small group rehab.
  • Want more individualised attention and supervision.
  • Can't attend any of our regular scheduled Young Rehab group sessions. 

How To Book Your 1-2-1 Rehabilitation Session:

  • You can book your 1-2-1 rehab sessions at a time that suits you and where there is availability in the Sports & Rehab Therapists diary. This includes evenings, early mornings and Saturdays.
  • Just speak to our Patient Services Team at the desk or by calling 023 8025 3317 and they will book in your session.
  • You can choose either ‘Pay as you go’ (PAYG) £49 per session or ‘Block Booking’ of 5 sessions £150 (equivalent of £30 per session). There is a 3 month expiry of block booking sessions from date of payment.


This is a regular, 45 minute long, small group rehab session, where your child will work on their bespoke recovery programme under direct supervision of our Sports & Rehab Therapist in a small group (maximum of 3). At each session, after a guided warm up, they will carry out their individual program. The Therapist will be on hand throughout to guide and progress you, so that your child is being challenged and working towards their goals at all times. There will be a maximum of 3 young people in each session, each working on their own program under close supervision. Group sessions can be booked and managed online, giving you the ultimate flexibility and control. 

Great for those who's child:

  • Has no access to a gym or exercise equipment and don't want this to hold back your child's recovery
  • Isn't confident exercising or doing their own programme and wants supervision and support on hand
  • Wants to commit to a regular rehab programme as part of their treatment & recovery

How To Book Young Group Rehabilitation Sessions:

  • Once you have complete your Start Up Induction Session, decide whether you’d like to PAYG (£35 a session) or make a block booking of 5 sessions £150, equivalent to £30 a session).
  • Take a look at our current Young Rehab Timetable and book a space in your chosen session.
  • You can pay for and book sessions online. We use a system called Team Up, where you can see the full schedule of sessions (called Young Group Rehab), book and change any classes and purchse any sessions. Register your child on Team Up here. You can even downloand a app to manage your sessions. Visit the Appstore for Apple devices here or Google Play for Android devices here to downlaod your members app. 

Young Rehab Timetable 

We currently run sessions at the following times:

Monday 4.15 - 5pm 

Wednesday 5 - 5.45pm

Friday 4.30 - 5.15pm 

How do I book Young Rehab?

  • Speak to our Patient Services Team either when you're in the clinic or by giving them a call on 023 8025 3317.
  • Sessions are available throughout the week.

How much is Young Rehab?

  • 45 Minute Rehab Start Up Induction £45
  • 1-2-1 Rehab PAYG £49 / session (45 minutes) 
  • Young Group Rehab PAYG £35 / session (45 minutes)
  • Young Group Rehab Discounted Block Booking 5 sessions (3 month expiry) £150 (equivalent £30 / session)

How will rehabilitation help my child?

The aim of rehabilitation is to help:

  • Build long term physical durability
  • Carry out a prescribed exercise programme under close supervision at a rate that will help your child achieve their goals
  • Supplement any 'hands on' treatment your child may have been recieving for your injury, helping your child take control of their condition 
  • Exercise in a safe and structured environment, where they have the confidence to take themselves to new levels 

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