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Robust Runner Masterclasses

There is increasing evidence to support the importance of doing strength and resistance training if you're a runner. If you're serious about increasing your distances, reducing your time and preventing injuries that stop you running longer term, strength and resistance training is crucial!

Our new Robust Runner Masterclasses are a series of practical sessions, with an informal educational element, designed you help you get the most from your running and enjoy a lifelong, injury free, running journey! 

The sessions will take place in our fully equipped ‘Strong Room’ with our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist, Will. Each Masterclass will start with a brief introduction and warm up. You’ll be guided through a series of practical exercises, in a circuit style, designed to educate you, challenge you and bring another element into your running.

You’ll get lot’s of chances to ask questions or seek advice along the way. 

There are 7 sessions planned over the next few months. Each session will have a slightly different focus, come along to one or two of them or all of them, whatever’s most relevant to you and your running!. 

Workshop Dates 

JUST ARMS Wednesday 12th February, 6 - 7pm - Book here

The BALANCED Runner Saturday 15th February, 10 - 11am - Book here

Who are the Workshop for? 

Strength and resistance training is an extremely important component for runners. Working on your strength has many potentail benefits, including: 

  • It improves running economy, increasing efficiency of oxygen and energy demand
  • It increases your power
  • It will decrease your injury risk
  • It will increase your strength endurance
  • It will increases your muscle and tendon's ability to manage the load demands placed upon it

The most common areas of weakness in runners are:

  • Calf
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Quads

This is not to say that runners have weakness in all of these muscles, but it is common to have a weakness or imbalance in any 1 or combination of these areas. All of which can be addressed through strength training. But what is the most efficient and effective use of your time and what are the best exercises to do? 

If you'd like to learn more about incorportaing strength and conditioning into your running training schedule, then come and join us for a 1 hour practical workshop with our Sports & Rehabilitaion Therapy Team.

The Workshops are perfect for you if:

  • You are a regular runner or just starting to run and are keen to help yourself enjoy a lifelong love of running
  • You are training for an event or race and so are looking to progress your running speed, distance or performance 
  • You suffer with recurrent injuries that you think might be related to your running and want to build your physical durability 

What does each Workshop involve? 

Each 1 hour, practical session will help you:

  • Understand the importance of training variety for runners, each session has a different focus 
  • Learn some key exercises that you can add to your routine
  • Tackle any injury questions or concerns you may have through Q&As

All equipment is provided. It is a practical workshop, so please wear something comfortable and trainers that you can exercsie in. They are run by our Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy Team.

How do I book a space in any of the Workshops? 

Take a look at the workshops and dates above and follow the links to the specific sessions for more details information and to make a booking. Spaces are limited, so booking is essential. 

How much are the Workshop?

The workshops are £16.58 per person per session. 

Robust Runner Masterclass

goPhysio Strong Room

goPhysio Strong Room

"Absolutely recommend this session, and have told all of my fellow runners about the course."

"Really good information and very well presented"

"What an enjoyable course, well worth the visit"

"Learned a lot of good tips"

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