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goPhysio Online Shop

Posted on 20th April 2020 by

We’ve pulled together a carefully selected list of products that can help you with your rehab, recovery, Pilates and exercises at home. Take a look at the items and click on the links to be taken through to the individual products that your Clinician has recommended.









goPhysio Rehab Shop

Posted on 7th April 2020 by

We’ve made available some of the rehab equipment we have at goPhysio to help you at this time. With so many shops closed and many items like this now unavailable, we thought it may help some.

We are offering all of these items with FREE delivery to anyone in the SO53 postcode only. Order before 12pm and we’ll deliver that day, after 12pm will be next day delivery.

If you’re not based in SO53, but would still like the option to purchase some equipment to help with your rehab, recovery or activity, please click here, which will take you through to our recommended supplier.

Take a look, and if you’d benefit from any of these items, please do get in touch. We offer a safe and secure online payment system for all your orders.

How do I buy?

  1. Look at the available items above and descriptions below.
  2. Email the details of what you would like to purchase to, including:
    1. The item name
    2. How many you’d like to purchase and colour preference (if a colour choice)
    3. Your name and delivery address (SO53 deliveries only please)
  3. You will be emailed an invoice and link to make your secure card payment.
  4. Payment is required prior to delivery.
  5. Any orders placed and paid for by 12pm will be eligible for free same day delivery.
  6. Orders placed after 12pm will be delivered the next day.
  7. All deliveries will be handled with social distancing guidelines. We will knock at the door, leave the item on the doorstep and wait a safe distance away to acknowledge delivery.

Item Descriptions

Pilates Ball – A soft Pilates ball, often used during our classes or with patients with neck pain, to add challenge, support and variety. Comes with straw to inflate. Blue. £9.50

Grid Foam Roller – A 12″ foam roller, with dense ‘grid’ exterior and a rigid, hollow core. Available in black, orange & pink. Comes with our ‘Foam Roller Super 6’ exercises sheet. £39.99.

Grid Mini Roller – A compact version of our full size roller, highly durable, 5″ roller. Available in black or orange. £24.99.

Biofreeze or Ice Storm Pain Relieving Gel – Targeted, effective pain relieving gel to help ease muscular or soft tissue aches and pains. Ice Storm 100ml, Biofreeze 118ml. 1 supplied (please state preference). £9.99

K Tape – Durable, flexible kinesiology tape availability;able in flesh, pink or black. £15.99

Lumbar Roll – Perfect to provide extra support to your lower back when seated. Available in ‘D’ shaped or ‘O’ shaped options. Complete with strap to secure to chair. £22.99

MB1 Trigger Point Ball – A great alternative to a foam roller, to get into the smaller, tight, painful areas and relieve areas of tension and pain. £14.99

MB5 Trigger Point Ball – A larger sized trigger point ball, to ease aches, pains and tension. A great alternative to the foam roller. £27.99

Nano Foot Roller – Designed to increase flexibility and relieve minor muscular aches and pains associated with the foot and forearm. Perfect for plantar fasciitis. Available in two densities, regular (orange) and the extra-firm NANO X for intense relief (black). £22.99

Omni Massage Roller – Ease aches and pains with this targeted massage roller. You can use this yourself or with help of someone else in harder to reach areas, Perfect for shoulder, neck and leg pains. Available in blue, black. green or red. £17.99

Orthopaedic Pillow – Suffering with neck pain or headaches? A supportive, orthopaedic pillow could be your answer. Offering excellent support whilst you sleep. £59.99

Pilates Socks – Are you spending your time practising Pilates at home? These socks offer excellent grip and support whilst you exercise. Available in black or turquoise. £9.99

Spikey Balls – A great way to ease areas of tension or pain, in your foot, arm, back or leg muscles. Small (orange or green) £7, Medium (yellow) £9, Large (blue or red) £11.

Resistance Exercise Band – Useful for practicing your resisted strengthening and stability exercises. Varying resistance from yellow (easiest), red, green, blue, through to black (hardest). 1m length £5.

Therapearl Wraps – Reusable hot and cold packs for pain relief. Gel pearls, that remain flexible to accommodate the area and hold the temperature. Comes with a handy strap to keep in place. 3 options available:

  1. Back wrap – for lower back area £24.99
  2. Neck wraps – for neck and shoulder are £24.99
  3. Sports wrap – a smaller pack for legs, ankle, elbow, wrist etc. £17.99

Neck Heat Pack – A non-lavender filled heat pack for the neck and shoulder area. Gently eases aches and pains, softly moulds to the area and holds warmth in a comforting way. £17.99

Vulkan Support Straps – Trying to keep active but pain stopping you? Worried about an old or ongoing injury but can’t get help? A support can be really helpful to give you more confidence. We have the following supports available:

  1. Vulkan ankle wrap £17.99
  2. Vulkan knee wrap £17.99
  3. Vulkan patella strap £19.99

We can also offer online video consultations, if you need help or guidance using any of the equipment or with your injury. Take a look here for more information.