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Andy Murray’s Trigger Point Ball 1 of our favourites too!

Posted on 13th July 2017 by

Andy Murray Trp Ball Tennis star, Andy Murray, was recently pictured with a Trigger Point ball tucked firmly under his arm.

The MB5 Massage Trigger Point ball that Andy is holding is one of our best sellers in the our clinic. A great alternative or adjunct to a foam roller, it can be used to ease off areas of tension, as part of a warm up or cool down and to help get into those painful, tight areas.

goPhysio Trigger Point Massage

Suitable for use on all the major muscle groups, we often recommend a TrP release series as part of a comprehensive warm up. We also sell the smaller MB1 ball (pictured above), which is great for smaller areas such as feet and forearms.

The good thing about these products is that they are made for a number of different layers, with multi-density, making them super long lasting and very durable , so they don’t compress and loose their efficiency over time. They also have a slip resistant surface to help stabilisation. Best of all they’re lightweight and very portable – perfect for events, work, travel and being on the road. (Can you tell we love this ball!).

Here’s a selection of the key releases,  to get to all the major parts of your body.

TrP and Ball Release

If you’d like to get yourself one of these balls, the smaller MB1 or the very popular grid roller, pop into the clinic where we have the full range in stock.




2 thoughts on “Andy Murray’s Trigger Point Ball 1 of our favourites too!”

  1. Seamul hoq rubel on 17th July 2017 at 2:23 pm said:

    Great idea.Relieve muscle aches and pains with the TriggerPoint® MB5™Massage Ball. Engineered to mimic the touch of a massage therapist’s hand, this 5.8 oz. ball is made from slip-resistant EVA foam for comfort and grip.

  2. Seamul hoq rubel on 17th July 2017 at 2:35 pm said:

    Good article.Use the Trigger Point MB5 Massage Ball to help provide relief from minor aches and pains in your muscles throughout your body. The EVA foam surface helps to comfortably massage key areas of soreness or aches without the pinch or irritation from harder massage tools.

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