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Running Rehab

Running is a fantastic and very popular form of exercise. Get a pair of running shoes and you're all set! But it's not always that simple. Whether you're a regular ParkRun participant, just run for fun, training for a 10k or marathon or take part in ultra marathons, running can take it's toll on your body. So many factors can impact on your performance, success and enjoyment. 

If you're struggling to achieve your running goals, whether it's an ongoing or recurrent injury, an issue with your technique related to your biomechanics or your structural fitness, you could benefit from our Running Rehab service. 

Who is Running Rehab for?

Our Running Rehab Service is great for people:

  • Who are thinking of taking up running, who have had an injury or concerns about their body's capabilities.
  • With running related injuries such as achilles or hamstring tendonopathy, knee pain, ITB syndrome or plantar fasciitis to name a few. 
  • Who want specific and customised guidance and advice on injury prevention, running techniques, training programmes, strength and conditioning.
  • Who have had an injury and had to stop running but want to get back to it but aren't sure how?
  • This service is not appropriate for high level athletes looking for specific running coaching.

What does Running Rehab involve? 

A Running Rehab Assessment session lasts 1 hour. It will include:

  • An in depth discussion about your running habits, challenges, succsesses and goals. 
  • A comprehensive physical analysis of your biomechanics, strength, flexibility and balance - analysing all the factors that involved in your running.
  • A computerised video analysis of your running technique on the treadmill.
  • An action plan for you to work on to help your running, which may include a combination of technique adjustments, drills, specific exercises and training advice.

You will go away with a written action plan with some realistic and useful plans to put into action. 

Dependant on the findings of your assessment session, it may be recommended you'd benefit from some of our other services. These may include Clinical Pilates, group rehabilitation, an orthotic assessment, or sports massage

Some people may benefit from further Running Rehab sessions. These 30 minute follow up sessions will include:

  • Reviewing your running technique. 
  • Discussing your progress, training program and any issues. 
  • Progressing and advancing your exercises.

How do I book a Running Rehabilitation session? 

A Running Rehabilitation session can be booked at anytime. Just give us a call on 023 8025 3317 and ask to book a Running Rehab session. Before you come for your first appointment, please complete this form so that the Physio can find out more about your running history, plans and training schedule. 

How much does it cost? 

The hour long Running Rehab Assessment costs £95. 

The 30 minute Running Rehab Follow Up Sessions costs £49. 

How will Running Rehabilitation help me?

The aim of Running Rehabilitation is to help you:

  • Identify any potential issues with your running style, technique or training schedule. 
  • Reduce risk of running related injuries. 
  • Improve your running enjoyment and performance. 

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