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Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes some maginificent physical changes. Once your baby is here, your body will take time to adjust and find it's new way. Many new Mum's are concerned about what's 'normal', how they're recovering and when they can start exercising again. There can also be concerns about aches and pains and how their tummy muscles are.

goMummy is a tailored post-natal check up, which looks at a number of areas that have adapated and changed during your pregnancy and after your delivery. The one hour 1-2-1 session, with our experienced Physiotherapist Kim, will provide you with peace of mind and an action plan to get you going again after having your baby. 

Who is goMummy for? 

A goMummy post-natal check is ideal for:

  • New Mum's, once you've had your 6 week check 
  • Mum's with babies or toddlers up to 2 years old
  • First time Mum's or those who've alreday had children
  • Mum's who suffered with back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy 
  • Mum's suffering with back pain now they've had their baby
  • Those who want to get back to exercsing but aren't sure where or how to start
  • Those who are concerned about an abdominal muscle seperation  

What does it include?

  • A one hour appointment with Kim, our Physio who specialises in treating musculo-skeletal problems during and after pregnancy.
  • Detailed talk about your pregnancy, labour, delivery and any other issues you may have.
  • Full assessment of your posture, pelvic alignment, muscle function & activation, muscle length and tummy muscle separation, also called a diastasis recti.
  • A bespoke treatment plan to address any issues identified and your personal goals.
  • A home exercise programme of posture, Pilates and strengthening exercises.
  • Advice on when and how to return to exercise and sport.

Why will it help me?

Pregnancy, whether it''s your first or subsequent, can take it's toll physically on your body. Your joints, ligaments and muscles adapt and change to accomodate your growing baby. With this, many Mum's experience back or pelvic pain, which doesn't always resolve once your baby arrives. The body's adaptations can take some time to recover and can cause longer term and ongoing issues. These can easily be resolved with the right exercises and advice but it isn't always obvious what you should be doing. By having an individual and tailored check up, any issues can be clearly identified, so you'll know what needs addressing and most importantly how. 

Around two thirds of women will develop an abdominal muscle seperation (diastasis recti) during their pregnancy. A smaller seperation will often heal by iteslf, however, some sperations can be larger or slower to recover. If left unaddressed, diastisis recti can lead to back or pelvic pain developing. It can also impact on any further pregnancies you may have. It is important to have your tummy muscles checked and be given the correct advice and action plan to help your recovery. 

Many women want to return to exercise after pregnancy but aren't sure what they can or can't do - goMummy will provide guidance and support as well as checking there are no underlying issues that could impact on your return. You'll have the confidence that you're good to go! 

How do I book a goMummy Post Natal Check? 

Just give the clinic a call on 023 8025 3317 and tell them you'd like to book a goMummy appointment. Our friendly and helpful patient services team will find a convenient time for you to book in your 1 hour appointment with Physiotherapist Kim. 

How much does it cost? 

The one hour appointment is £100

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