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Here at goPhysio, we want you to help keep you living an active, pain-free life. So for 2017 we are running a series of health and wellness talks and events, tackling a variety of sports and injury myths. These events will be run by our knowledgeable physio’s and a few inspiring guest speakers.

All sessions will be held in our studio in Chandlers Ford and will be FREE to attend! However spaces are limited so book on in advance to secure your spot.

2017 Health & Wellness Programme 

Back Pain Myths & Facts - Saturday 10th June, 11am - 12pm 

Come and join us on Saturday 10th June as Physiotherapist Kim tackles commonly held beliefs about back pain with the most up to date research. We will give you the confidence to tackle your back pain and dispel many of the myths that surround this all too common complaint.

Get your free ticket to the back pain event here.

Exercising During Pregnancy - Tuesday 20th June, 11.30am - 12.30pm

Specialist Physiotherapist Kim will be discussing how pregnancy affects the musculoskeletal system and the most effective ways of dealing with ante and post natal aches and pains.

She will advise you how to exercise safely during pregnancy and teach you some simple exercises you can do to maintain your strength, flexibility and stability.

You will have a chance to ask any pregnancy related exercise questions or find out more about those common aches and pains.

Get your free ticket to learn more about exercising during pregnancy here.

New Mum's Returning to Exercise Safely - Tuesday 27th June, 11.30am - 12.30pm

Come and join specilaist Physiotherapist Kim to find out more about getting back to exercise after you've had your baby.

  • Learn how to check your tummy muscles
  • Find out what exercise you should be doing and when
  • What is the best way to re-start exercise and how you should build it back up
  • Any warning signs you need to be aware of
  • Overcoming common post-pregnancy related aches and pains
  • Some key exercise to help

You will also get the chance to ask any specific questions you may have. Suitable from after your 6 week check right up until 3 years post natally. 

Get your free ticket to learn more abour returning to exercise safely as a new Mum.

Active Working - Optimising Health In The Workplace - Wednesday 5th July 2.30 - 3.30pm

The problem with sitting too much in the workplace is a familiar headline now. It is well documented, that irrespective of exercise levels, sitting for long and sustained periods of time can have serious consequences for our health and wellbeing.

In this seminar, goPhysio's Non-Clinical Director, Fiona, will share the latest findings and recommendations on being active in the workplace. With a focus on 'Active Working', Fiona will discuss the benefits, challenges and practicalities of changing workplace behaviours to encourage a healthier working life.

  • Find out more about the problem of sitting too much
  • Learn how you can be more active in the workplace
  • Learn more about why being active is so important to your health
  • Practical ideas to take to your workplace

Fiona will also be joined by one of goPhysio's Physiotherapists, who will be on hand to answer any of your work or postural related issues, aches or pains.

Get your free ticket to the active working seminar here.

Exercising In Later Life - Thursday 10th August, 1.30 - 2.30pm 

Join us on 10th August as Physiotherapist Gemma will talk through the health benefits of staying active as you age, as well as the most suitable types of exercise for arthritis and osteoporosis, dispelling any myths and giving you top tips to get started.

Get your free ticket to learn more about exercising in later life here.

What people have to say about our events

"Very good presentation. Covered a great deal. Very thorough - well done!"

"Thanks very much it was a great session. Really useful"

"Thank you. It was very useful & helpful for the future"

"It was really good & I learnt a lot about what being a physio would be like. Thanks"

"The event is incredibly helpful as it gives you a detailed insight into everything physiotherapy entails"

"Thank you for putting on this talk. It has helped to know that my teenager is "normal" and has given some ideas about how to support her as she develops as an athlete."

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