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Take Positive Steps As You Age

Posted on 15th May 2017 by

As the years inevitably pass by simple things can start to become a bit of a struggle. We know how Older People's Dayfrustrating it can be not being about to spring up out of bed in the morning, reaching down to tie your shoes, playing with your grandchildren or getting out to work in the garden. It’s tempting to let niggling aches and pains slow you down and to start taking it easy but avoiding exercise isn’t the answer. Saying goodbye to an active lifestyle is putting your physical health and mental well-being at risk.

It isn’t too late

You’re not past it, it’s never too late to start taking positive steps towards improving your health and fitness. You have the potential to improve your muscle strength, maintain bone density and improve your balance and this will in turn help prevent aches and pains, give you more energy and help you feel less vulnerable to falling in the future.

Positive Steps

As well as staying generally active, specific exercises can really help. With this in mind here at goPhysio we are launching a new exercise class, Positive Steps, specifically targeted at older men and ladies who are pro-active about taking care of their bodies and staying physically well.

Each week our class will start with a gentle warm up, followed by a series of exercises completed as a circuit. The exercises will focus on:

  • Aerobic exercise – to benefit your cardiovascular system and help manage your weight.
  • Strength training – to maintain muscle mass and improve posture and stability.
  • Weight bearing exercise – to maintain bone density and strength.
  • Gentle stretching – to help promote flexibility and joint range.

Each class will have a maximum of 6 participants and will be led by one of our Clinicians’s, so you’ll be exercising in a safe, friendly & supportive environment (no intimidating gyms or big classes!). We will be making us of our well equipped ‘Strong Room’, to get you exercising within your comfort zone.

There are 2 levels of class:

Fundamental level classes are held every Wednesday from 11.15am – 12.15pm. These classes are suitable for beginners or those less confident with exercsing.

Progressive level classes are held every Thursday from 10.30 – 11.30am. These classes are suitable for those who want more of a challenge!

You can buy class passes for all of our studio classes, including Positive Steps, online. A single class costs £12.50 (1 month expiry), 5 class pass £55 (2 month expiry) or 10 class pass £100 (3 month expiry). Class passes can be used for all our studio classes (with the exeption of Clinical Pilates), including Yoga and Active Backs, exercise classes to help people manage back pain positively. Take a look here for more information about booking studio classes. When you sign up for studio bookings, your first class is automatically free!

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