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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2018

Posted on 23rd February 2018 by

Last month, for an entire week, we set out to survey as many of our patients coming through our doors goPhysio Testimonial as possible.

As a business, it is crucially important that we are doing a great job and asking the people who visit us at goPhysio and are using our services, is the best way to find out whether we’re actually doing what we set out to do! Gaining your feedback helps us to further improve and develop our services, so we can continue to offer the best possible care.

We surveyed almost 100 visitors to the clinic that week and have spent time analysing the feedback we were given. We are delighted to be able to share the results of this survey with you.

95% of those survey were very satisfied with their overall experience at goPhysio

97% of those surveyed said we provide a very high or high quality service

95% of those surveyed said we are extremely or very responsive to their questions & concerns

100% of those surveyed said they’d return to goPhysio should they need to in the future

Why did you choose goPhysio?

When asked why goPhysio was chosen over any other local healthcare provider, the top answer given was personal recommendation. We couldn’t ask for more, when people are recommending us to their friends and family, this speaks volumes. We know there’s lots of choice out there when you’re in pain or have an injury, so having so many recommendations is testament to what we are doing. Many people also commented that they’d seen us before and were returning for a new problem.

goPhysio Testimonial Another reason that came up frequently, was availability of appointments. Having to wait for appointments is a huge frustration and so many people commented that it was easy to make an appointment with us, they could be seen quickly without having to wait and they could book online, making it all even easier!

What do we do really well?

We wanted to know what aspects of our service we were doing really well. The key theme coming through was that we are friendly, personal and helpful. We certainly aim to be all these things. We know it can be a daunting, worrying and frustrating time when you’re injured or in pain. So by offering a welcoming, friendly and warm environment in which you can come and get help, we can ease some of these feelings.

Being listened to was something that so many people appreciated. We don’t rush through our appointments, we really take the time to listen to you as an individual and therefore we can tailor your treatment and recovery programme to you and your lifestyle.

Here’s a few testimonials from the survey:

“Attentive, personal and you feel important and individual”

“Almost everything, from booking to total care of me! And now you do runners workshops for foam rolling etc. it is even better for me to stay injury free.”

“Treatment plans that fit in with my lifestyle and are proactive as well as re-active”goPhysio Testimonial

“Very welcoming staff without exception”

“Brilliant emails with videos”

“Very friendly, professional service. Made the experience of a painful situation instantly much better, then providing a long term follow up plan.”

“Could not fault anything.”

“Lovely to be greeted at reception with your name.”

Final Thoughts

We were so delighted with the results of the survey. Day to day, we regularly receive positive feedback, but receiving such a high volume of consistently, positive comments, was really very humbling. We genuinely care and invest so much into everything that happens at goPhysio. Nothing happens by chance, it’s all very carefully thought about. So, it’s great to know it’s working.

Obviously, we also gained some valuable insight into areas that can be improved – this is just as important, if not more so, than hearing the positive experiences. Anything that we identify as an area to work on, change and improve to make what we offer even better, is always welcomed! So, we are continually working ‘behind the scenes’ to further develop and enhance our services, so we can continue to help and support you!


Patient Survey goPhysio 2018










Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Posted on 27th July 2011 by

At ggoPhysio TestimonialoPhysio, we believe in total patient satisfaction and strive to deliver only the best possible care. Honest feedback from our customers is invaluable to help us improve the quality of our service. We’d rather hear about any problems you experience and have a chance to fix them than you tell your friends you weren’t happy – it’s that simple!

We’ve just completed a week long satisfaction survey, where all patients who came to see us that week were asked to fill in a questionnaire, whether it was their 1st session, last session or they are in the middle of their treatment. Customers were asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10, 1 being poor, 10 being excellent.

We’d like to share the results of this survey with you.

The % of people who scored us 8, 9 or 10
Ease of making your 1st appointment? 96%
Appointment availability? 96%
Information given before your 1st appointment? 78%
Parking & ease of access? 88%
Waiting facilities? 92%
Treatment room? 96%
Appointment length? 92%
Treatment? 100%
Knowledge & explanation of problem? 96%
Advice given? 100%
Outcome of treatment to date? 92%
Overall view of the practice? 96%
How likely are you to recommend goPhysio? 96%

As a result of the latest survey we will now email (or post if it’s easier for you) all the information we think is useful for you to know before your 1st appointment. We are also in the process of updating our website to provide some clear pre-appointment information & advice.

Unfortunately, parking at both our David Lloyd & Dibden Purlieu clinics at peak times can be a little tight. There is alternative parking available very close to the Forestside Medical Practice in the church centre car park. All we can advise is that you allow ample time for parking before your appointment time.

What our customers have to say…………………..

You said: “Waiting facilities a bit basic – chairs could be more comfortable given back condition”

We say:We are in the process of looking at a new range of chairs for our waiting area that are more suitable for those with different conditions. We are happy to provide additional lumbar support whilst you are waiting and have a number of lumbar rolls & seating supports etc available.”

You said: “Information on where to park would be helpful when (Forestside) surgery is full”

We say: “There is some parking on the road or alternatively, there is a large car park at the church centre across the road, only a few moments walk away. We have now included this information in our pre-appointment advice information.”
“Knee has improved very quickly by following support & advice, cheers”

“My treatment has been excellent”

“Ongoing advice to continue with between treatments is good”

“Recovery rate very good”

“Everything done to make me feel comfortable & confident in my treatment”

“Extremely efficient – admin & physio treatment”

“You provide an excellent service that I would (and have!) Recommended. I am a very happy (returning) customer”

“Always happy to help & advise and doesn’t mind hearing about my days! Thanks”