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RAMP – 4 Steps For An Effective Warm Up

Posted on 29th November 2018 by

We often get asked what’s the best way to ‘warm up’ before exercising or playing sports. Holding stretches is certainly a thing of the past, and hopefully this is no longer part of people’s warm up routines! But what should you be doing to warm up?

A warm up is basically exactly what it says on the tin – warming up your body! It can be an integral part of your exercise or sport, it certainly doesn’t have to be a totally separate thing.

We’ve found a great way to remember what you should be including in your warm up and it’s called the RAMP principle.

You can follow the RAMP principle for the most effective warm up for your sport or exercise. Here’s Sports Therapist Tom giving a bit of a demo.

R – raise your body temperature and heart rate. Spend 5-10 minutes doing light activity.

A – activate the key muscles involved in the activity. Especially lower back and pelvic area and core stabilisers.

M – mobilise all the joints involved in the sport or activity.

P – potentiate (perform sport specific movements to prepare the body for activity).These would be sub-maximal lifts (weight lifting) or plyometrics (jumping) for example

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Pilates Express Abdo Blast – Summer Pilates Class

Posted on 24th July 2018 by

Summer Pilates at goPhysio Chandlers Ford!

This summer, we’re trying out a few ‘special’ classes at goPhysio in Chandlers Ford. One of which is Pilates Express Class Abdo Blast
the an express Pilates class, a 30 minute Abdo Blast!

Your abdominal muscles are central to any Pilates workout. Learning how to engage your ‘core muscles’ to help you learn movement control is one of the many benefits of Pilates. What this class will do is focus even more on those key abdominal muscles. This 30 minute, ‘express class’ will work purely on your abdominals, taking some favourite Pilates exercises to challenge you in this area. A great chance to tone and strengthen this core area.

The express classes are timetabled around lunch time, so are a great opportunity for you to pop out of work to get an express workout in during the day. £6.50 a class.

Abdo Blast classes are taking place on the following days and times:

  • Monday 6th August 12.30pm with Francesca
  • Tuesday 14th August 1pm with Hugo
  • Monday 20th August 12.30pm with Francesca
  • Tuesday 28th August 1pm with Hugo

Take a look at the Summer Pilates Timetable 2018 here.

If you’d like to book onto the Pilates Express Abdo Blast classes or any of our other Summer Pilates classes at goPhysio, you can find out more here.