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Hampshire Hilly Hundred

Posted on 6th May 2015 by

Cycle 80 miles or 100 miles. What’s another 20! Avoid the main roads and see some lovely scenery, pass through the Downs and experience some hill-work. The Hampshire Hilly Hundred is known for its elevation so you can be sure to feel it in your legs. If you are going to take part be sure … Continue reading “Hampshire Hilly Hundred”

Hypermobility Syndrome

Posted on 30th June 2014 by

Active working goPhysio

Also known as being ‘double-jointed’, hypermobility affects approximately 3 in 10 people. Women are more likely to be affected than men and it is also relatively common in children. Hypermobile joints have a much larger range of movement available than ‘normal’ joints. In some cases, this is an advantage – particularly for gymnasts, dancers and … Continue reading “Hypermobility Syndrome”

Exercising During Pregnancy

Posted on 25th June 2014 by

Ante Natal Pilates Chandlers Ford

Many women are nervous about exercising during pregnancy and stop all activities once they discover they are expecting. Whilst high impact and contact sports aren’t advisable during this time, there are many forms of exercise that you can do. The general advice is that if you’re already regular exercise when you get pregnant, you can … Continue reading “Exercising During Pregnancy”

An Arthritis Overview

Posted on 19th May 2014 by

Arthritis goPhysio

Arthritis means joint inflammation – arthro = joint and itis = inflammation. It’s an umbrella term used to cover many different types of joint inflammation. Many people know they have arthritis or have heard of arthritis, but sometimes aren’t sure which one they have or what the different types are. This blog will cover the … Continue reading “An Arthritis Overview”