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Back Pain Myth 1 – Moving will make my back pain worse

Posted on 8th September 2016 by


To coincide with World Physiotherapy Day, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) have produced a series of evidence based myth busters to tackle the common myths surrounding back pain. The CSP are busting myths about back pain and reinforcing what the latest evidence says is best for your back. Myth 1 – Moving will make … Continue reading “Back Pain Myth 1 – Moving will make my back pain worse”

World Physiotherapy Day ‘Add life to years’

Posted on 8th September 2016 by

World Physiotherapy Day

I love this years message for World Physiotherapy Day Add life to years I think it really encompasses everything we do as physiotherapists. Under the umbrella theme of Movement for Health, adding life to years highlights what a positive impact physiotherapist can have on improving people’s quality of life. It’s often the very small things … Continue reading “World Physiotherapy Day ‘Add life to years’”

National Fitness Day 2016

Posted on 7th September 2016 by

National Fitness Day 2016

National Fitness Day is the biggest and most visible annual celebration of physical activity. Taking place on 7th September, this year it co-incides with the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic games. The day aims to try and help overcome the challenge of being fit, by involving lots of local clubs, parks and leisure centres … Continue reading “National Fitness Day 2016”

‘Shake Up September’ Workplace Challenge

Posted on 5th September 2016 by

Companies and organisations across the UK are invited to take part in the ‘Workplace Challenge’ this month, in a campaign named ‘Shake Up September’. The aim of the programme is to promote sport, physical activity and health improvements across the UK’s workplaces. With both the Olympics & Paralympics fresh in people’s minds, the Workplace Challenge aims … Continue reading “‘Shake Up September’ Workplace Challenge”

What are orthotics?

Posted on 30th August 2016 by


What are orthotics? Orthotics, orthoses, shoe inserts, insoles……whatever name they are known by, are foot supports which fit in your shoes to help your feet move more efficiently. They are made of moulded pieces of rubber, leather, plastic, or other synthetic material that are inserted into a shoe. The aim of orthotics is to balance … Continue reading “What are orthotics?”

Is technology to blame for youth inactivity?

Posted on 26th August 2016 by

Active Kids

Research recently undertaken by UK Active has revealed that 9 out of 10 parents blame tech for youth inactivity. Some Facts & Figures Only half of seven-year-olds are meeting recommended physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes/day. 75% of the 1039 parents interviewed agreed that it is more difficult for parents today to encourage children to … Continue reading “Is technology to blame for youth inactivity?”