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BackCare Awareness Week 2016

Posted on 3rd Oct 2016 by

Backcare Awareness Week

This week, 3rd – 8th October 2016 is BackCare Awareness Week. The focus this year is ‘Caring for Carers’. Carers provide invaluable help and assistance to their children, friends, relatives, and partners. It is estimated that there are around 7 million unpaid carers in the UK. But what happens when their work leads to back … Continue reading “BackCare Awareness Week 2016”

Do we need a Dr-Patient ‘culture shift’?

Posted on 22nd Sep 2016 by

Questions to ask your Dr

I read with interest this week about a new scheme in Wales where patients are being urged to take more control of decisions about the care and treatments they receive. The scheme, Choosing Wales Wisely, aims for a more equal doctor-patient relationship. Central to the scheme, are 4 questions that patients should ask when seeing their Dr. Although … Continue reading “Do we need a Dr-Patient ‘culture shift’?”