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Spread the word, Pelvic Girdle Pain is treatable

Posted on 28th January 2019 by

Pelvic Partnership Chandlers Ford

The Pelvic Partnership has just launched a new campaign, the ‘Stickmum’ campaign, to raise awareness of pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). What is PGP? a condition which affects 1 in 5 pregnant women pain and stiffness in the pelvic joints asymmetry of movement, joint irritation and pain when walking, climbing stairs and turning over in … Continue reading “Spread the word, Pelvic Girdle Pain is treatable”

It’s all about LOAD!

Posted on 18th January 2019 by

Load & Strength Chandlers Ford

We appreciate you guys don’t want to get bogged down with the science, research or evidence behind the ways we help you – you just want us to help you recover from your injury, quickly! But to us, the science and latest evidence is important, it helps us get the best results for you in … Continue reading “It’s all about LOAD!”

goPhysio become local ‘Beauty Spot’

Posted on 11th January 2019 by

“Our mission is straightforward: to provide essential supplies to people who can’t afford them, via partner charities across the UK. Beauty Banks isn’t a physical “bank” as such; instead we supply local organisations who may not have our contacts.” Beauty Banks is a non-profit organisation set up by the brilliant Sali Hughes (beauty columnist & writer) and … Continue reading “goPhysio become local ‘Beauty Spot’”

Body Worlds – Body Amazing

Posted on 9th January 2019 by

Body Worlds London

It’s not everyone’s idea of a New Year day outing, but if you’re a family of Physio’s & Personal Trainers, it fit’s the bill! We love having a little day trip planned for New Year’s day. Having visited the Body World’s exhibition when it first came to the UK as a newly qualified Physio (many, … Continue reading “Body Worlds – Body Amazing”

Pilates with Resistance Band

Posted on 1st January 2019 by

Pilates Exercises with resistance band

There’s a very simple piece of kit you may have seen or used in one of our Pilates classes, the humble resistance band! It doesn’t look much but it’s a great way to challenge your Pilates exercises. It comes in a range of different strengths, depending on how much you’d like to challenge yourself! We’ve … Continue reading “Pilates with Resistance Band”

Dry January

Posted on 31st December 2018 by

dry january 2019

Dry January is a public health campaign promoting abstinence from alcohol for the month of January, promoting a future where alcohol is a conscious choice, not a default.  After the excesses of the festive season, January brings a chance to turn over a new leaf and detox the body. Dry January is the perfect way … Continue reading “Dry January”