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What’s the best way to reduce risk of injury?

Posted on 28th February 2019 by

reduce risk of injury

We came across this fab infographic this week from The Strength Continuum, clearly summarising some research carried out into the most effective way in reducing your risk of injury. You still see it, day in day out. People obsessively stretching before and after exercising and in between exercise sessions. But the evidence is quite clear, … Continue reading “What’s the best way to reduce risk of injury?”

Behind The Strong Room

Posted on 27th February 2019 by

goPhysio Strong Room

When we created our new clinic space in 2016, we were very clear that we wanted to create a specific space for rehabilitation, supervised exercise and strength & conditioning training. All the evidence and latest research into the best outcomes with training and recovery points towards strength training being the gold standard for outcomes and … Continue reading “Behind The Strong Room”

Spread the word, Pelvic Girdle Pain is treatable

Posted on 28th January 2019 by

Pelvic Partnership Chandlers Ford

The Pelvic Partnership has just launched a new campaign, the ‘Stickmum’ campaign, to raise awareness of pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). What is PGP? a condition which affects 1 in 5 pregnant women pain and stiffness in the pelvic joints asymmetry of movement, joint irritation and pain when walking, climbing stairs and turning over in … Continue reading “Spread the word, Pelvic Girdle Pain is treatable”

It’s all about LOAD!

Posted on 18th January 2019 by

Load & Strength Chandlers Ford

We appreciate you guys don’t want to get bogged down with the science, research or evidence behind the ways we help you – you just want us to help you recover from your injury, quickly! But to us, the science and latest evidence is important, it helps us get the best results for you in … Continue reading “It’s all about LOAD!”