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Behind The Strong Room

Posted on 31st May 2017 by

We are just in the throws of finishing off the last of the work in our new home – THE STRONG ROOM.

This ground floor room has been kitted out in some great equipment from the likes of Rogue Fitness and TRX, to provide a dedicated space for rehabilitation of our patients.

Why The Strong Room?

The Strong RoomAs many local residents may recall, 11 Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford, was once a National Westminster Bank. What does every bank need? A vaulted safe room, of course, AKA a strong room. When we purchased the property, the original strong room was still in situ.

The heavily re-enforced walls and roof no longer served their purpose and to fit in with our grand plans, this area of the building was demolished. (Not an easy task I can add!).

In it’s place, a new space was created, to house our rehabilitation service. As an adage to what once stood there, we decided to name this space The Strong Room. Why? Because this space will focus on improving strength (amongst other things!).

What is rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy for people with aches, pains, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, unless you were a high level athlete with access to such facilities, traditionally consisted of treatment based around a treatment couch. Such treatments were often pretty passive, and accompanied by a programme of exercises for the injured person to complete in their own time at home. These exercises are generally progressed at the next physiotherapy session until the patient felt ‘better’ and able to resume normal activities.

However, the outcome and success of treatment often falls on adherence to exercise, the correct exercise technique and the type, timing and progression of the exercises linked to tissue healing and functional goals.

With instant access to both the facilities that will help offer a huge range of exercise programmes and onsite support of our specialist Sports Therapist to augment our Physiotherapy team, this space is going to be a great asset to what we can offer you at goPhysio.

The space is going to be used for both 1-2-1 rehabilitation during physio sessions and also regular group rehab. More news on this service will be revealed very soon.

If you’re in the clinic, let us show you the great new facilities we have on offer and  find out more about how it could help you.

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