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Sever’s Disease

Posted on 13th August 2017 by

Sever's Disease

What is Sever’s Disease? Sever’s isn’t really a ‘disease’ as such. Sever’s is an inflammation of the growth plate at the back of the heel, which occurs in growing, adolescent children. What causes Sever’s? As children go through their ‘growth spurts’, bones will grow faster than muscles and tendons. Because of this, in Sever’s, the … Continue reading “Sever’s Disease”

Treatment of Calf Pain in Runners

Posted on 11th August 2017 by

Treatment of calf pain in runners

Calf pain for runners is common complaint. Your calf muscles are used extensively and repeatedly during running, so it’s no surprise that sometimes they can become overloaded and develop pain. Here’s a great infographic from Tom Goom from the PhysioEdge series of podcasts, that highlights the recommendations for the treatment of calf pain. So, what … Continue reading “Treatment of Calf Pain in Runners”

Get your running back on track!

Posted on 4th August 2017 by

Running Rehab goPhysio

Every year around 80% of runners will develop a running related injury – these are often caused by inefficient techniques, muscle imbalances, poor training habits and incorrect footwear. Here at goPhysio, we want to keep runners running so our expert physiotherapists are here to help! Our Running Rehab service is designed for runners of all … Continue reading “Get your running back on track!”

Healthy Holiday Guide

Posted on 21st July 2017 by

Healthy Holiday Guide from goPhysio

With schools winding down and the sun well & truly out, it’s time for many to pack their cases for that summer holiday! You’d be surprised how many last minute panic calls we get from people desperate to see a physio before their holiday to have some help with their injury. So if you are … Continue reading “Healthy Holiday Guide”