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Hot OR cold?

Posted on 16th January 2018 by

Hot or cold for injury

It’s a common dilemma, you’ve picked up an injury but aren’t sure whether to put ice on it or use heat? Both can be great at relieving pain from an injury, but in some instances it’s better to use heat and in others cold. So, take a look at our quick reference to guide you! … Continue reading “Hot OR cold?”

Runners – The Importance of Footwear and getting it right!

Posted on 15th January 2018 by

Importance of running footwear

For a runner, running footwear is the most important piece of kit you will have in your running career (well – joint-most important next to a good Sports Bra for you ladies!). You will fight together through tarmac and forest paths, from quick mid-week runs to the long, slow Sunday ones. Training and racing side by … Continue reading “Runners – The Importance of Footwear and getting it right!”

Blue Monday

Posted on 14th January 2018 by

Blue Monday

Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. This year it’s Monday 15th January 2018. However, knowing it’s coming up, you could make a conscious effort to set out and enjoy it – in different ways … Continue reading “Blue Monday”

How to Foam Roll – The Art of Self-Myofascial Release

Posted on 12th January 2018 by

Foam Rolling For Runners

Here’s a quick, no nonsense guide for runners to help improve your warm-up, performance and prevent injury with some simple foam rolling! It’s all about the fascia! What is fascia? Firstly, fascia is a dense connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, joint and organ in the body. There are 3 types of fascia; superficial, deep … Continue reading “How to Foam Roll – The Art of Self-Myofascial Release”

Productive healthy ageing and MSK health

Posted on 9th January 2018 by

Productive healthy ageing

Last month, Public Health England published new guidance, entitled Productive healthy ageing and musculoskeletal (MSK) health. Over the last few decades, life expectancy has been steadily increasing, with the ONS estimating that by 2041, there will be an 3.2 million people aged 85 years and older in the UK. The report highlights that older people have … Continue reading “Productive healthy ageing and MSK health”