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Walking Resources

Posted on 1st May 2018 by

National Walking Month 2018

May is National Walking Month, encouraging people to find their feet and pound the pavements or countryside more! There are lot’s of initiatives, tools and groups set up to help encourage and promote more walking. Walking combined with socialising, whether it be with family of new found friends, will boost your enjoyment and also your … Continue reading “Walking Resources”

Runners! When injury strikes, what do you do? We’d like to find out more!

Posted on 27th April 2018 by

Running project goPhysio

TAKE THE SURVEY HERE! We work with hundreds of runners, from couch to 5k enthusiasts just starting out their running journey to ultra marathon runners. We more often than not see them to help, when pain or injury has impacted on what they love to do – run! However, we know that so many runners … Continue reading “Runners! When injury strikes, what do you do? We’d like to find out more!”

On Your Feet Britain!

Posted on 24th April 2018 by

On Your Feet Britain 2018

This Friday, On Your Feet Britain are challenging the nation to get On Your Feet. This is the fourth national day, when 1 million workers across Britain will be encouraged and challenged to sit less & move more. Awareness of the “Sitting Disease” has rocketed up in recent years. Standing desks are certainly becoming more commonplace, in fact … Continue reading “On Your Feet Britain!”

Easing Post Run Soreness

Posted on 18th March 2018 by

Easing post run soreness

You’ve done it, you’ve got off the couch and finished that run! Whether it’s a gentle recreational run, a 10k or a full marathon, post run soreness can be part of the journey. It’s just your muscles adapting to the additional demands placed upon them, which is good! You can read more about post exercise … Continue reading “Easing Post Run Soreness”