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Christmas Gift Packs

Posted on 8th December 2019 by

Gift Voucher

This Christmas, with people often struggling to find gift ideas for their loved ones, we’ve put together a few of our most popular services and products, to offer some ready to buy gift packs. Our Foam Roller Workshop gift packs are great for runners, sporty types or those that exercise and complain of aches and … Continue reading “Christmas Gift Packs”

Why it’s great to run!

Posted on 5th December 2019 by

running physio

We are delighted to be partnering up with the Hendy Eastleigh 10k again for 2020, as we become the official Health Partner of the race for the third year. One of the largest 10k road races in the country, the Hendy Eastleigh 10k is a fantastic event. With just over 3 months to go until the Hendy … Continue reading “Why it’s great to run!”

Charity Christmas Raffle

Posted on 28th November 2019 by

Trinity Charity

This year we have put together a little raffle to raise funds for local charity, Trinity Winchester. Trinity are a Winchester-based charity which addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support, and proactive prevention, empowering positive change. They help people who are vulnerable to the effects of homelessness, addiction, physical … Continue reading “Charity Christmas Raffle”

Back Pain in Golf

Posted on 7th October 2019 by

Back pain in golf

Every year, the charity dedicated to supporting and helping people with back pain, BackCare, dedicates a week to highlighting a specific area of back pain. For 2019, the focus is on back pain in golfers. There is a distinct lack of awareness regarding the prevention of back related injuries among golfers which hinder their play … Continue reading “Back Pain in Golf”

Strong, Steady & Straight – Benefit of Pilates for Osteoporosis

Posted on 1st October 2019 by

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, although a well known condition, comes with much worry and fear surrounding it about physical activity and exercise. A diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia (reduced bone density on a less severe scale than osteoporosis), can often conjure up thoughts of being fragile and fearful of doing too much or exercises that might be harmful. … Continue reading “Strong, Steady & Straight – Benefit of Pilates for Osteoporosis”